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You have only one IP with your dedicated server, but you can get as much as needed for your business at a competitive price.
Yes shure, dedicated server can use cgi scripts.
Most orders are processed in 4 hours but as soon as we get the order to carry out this operation, we perform. Please keep in mind that payment for services must first be approved before we can install your server.
If the server shows signs of defect (httpd or SSH), we come in contact with you to see if you are working on the server. After your answer, we execute your instructions. We can then "reboot" the server after your authorization, either via phone or via support ticket system. If a server is not responding at all, we reboot the server.
Our servers are obviously able to be administered on the Net. Server administration is performed and set to such use. We install the server interface on your machine without any extra cost. The current management interface is Webmin. It is a very complete and effective tool. Naturally, you can manage your server directly from the command line using ssh.
Contrary to what you hear, Unix is a trademark of AT & T. Linux is a variant of Unix, as SCOUnix. One big difference between Unix and Linux is its price: Unix is delivered with a license, which makes it very expensive while Linux is free. Our server currently have CentOS 6.5 operating system.
Each site that you realize or assign just have your own CGI-Bin. We have a very effective tool that allows you to install directly dozens of scripts on the server or your clients sites. This is Virtualmin. This product is licensed and you will be charged extra.
You can create as many as you want ... the number is not limited.
Of course he can, that's why we offer you your own server interface, which we call "control panel". Webmin allows you to easily install the sites of your customers and this in seconds.
Of course, you can host on your system as many sites as you wish, whatever its nature. However we do not allow the "Junk" or "unsolicited email". We also prohibit any illegal activity on our network.
Our servers are configured to avoid hack (firewall, external monitoring, security updates, various tools such as automated backups porsentry snort etc ...). But zero risk does not exist. It is also our customers to invest in active security policy.
With Webmin interface provided with your server, you can create as many accounts as necessary in an instant. To manage reseller accounts you will need the pro version virtualmin that is not free. We can install it for you. You can of course use any other software you want to manage your resellers. The new servers are configured by default with the domain name that you provide. The available servers eg "" have a default domain name. But you can change it of course.
If you do not change the default configuration supplied whith your server, we take care of technical maintenance, updates etc. We also provide support to our customer on our configurations. This don 't include webmastering or support to your customers.
For safety reasons, the IRC servers are contractually not allowed. However, we tolerate the IRC protocol if the following conditions are met: 1. They are without prejudice to the network (floods, attacks, illegal trafficking ...) 2. That they are not Linkes external network on the network Examples: - A bot, bnc proxy or making a connection to a hosted server on the network is tolerated. - A bot, bnc proxy or connected to a hosted server outside the network is forbidden and unilateral termination pattern. - An IRC server not originally link to an external server to the network is also tolerated. In case of attack (floods ...), the server will be terminated immediately in accordance with our Terms.
You simply change the DNS from the company that supplied the domain for those that are provided to you on delivery of your dedicated server. You can also modify existing DNS to point to the IP of your server.

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