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Cloud Hosting

VPS Benefits of Cloud

Cloud consists of the dissociation of hosting and used equipment. in pratice, a cloud server or virtual server no longer depends on a physical machine and can be installed or transfered on any physical server. You no longer need to reinstall your server in case of hardware failure.

Your virtual server is installed on much more powerful machines on witch parts of the ressouces are allocated to your virtual private server (VPS). The change of ressources can be done very quickly, without stopping your server. So tou can adapt your ressources to your needs. In facts, you only pay for what you use.

Backups of your VPS can therefore be restored in minuts. You can also easily use duplication or load balancing of your VPS.
Cloud allows you to install a complete server in seconds!

Pooling ressources also reduce costs. VPS, compared to equivalent dedicated server, will cost three times less.

VPSOur cloud offers

The virtual private server

This is our standard cloud hosting offer. Based on OpenVZ virtualization, it's allow you to take advantage of non allocated ressources when needed.

Windows VPS

Windows VPS are installed on XEn or KVM virtualized servers with a strict separation of ressources (RAM, CPU, Disk space).

The unlimited virtual server.

You have the ability to create as many VPS as you want through a powerful control panel.

SSD VPS hosting

For those who have large databeses or those who need the fastest servers, the SSD offer is the right solution. SSD based servers guaranteed the best response time and this at real low price. SSD server is an option in our offers, to have one, just select "SSD hard drive".

Cloud Services

This services allows you to choose ready to go servers like mail server, cloud server, DNS server ..

serveur virtuelServices Included

On our cloud hostings you will have following services:

  • The same services as on our dedicated servers: See
  • Choose of the billing period (monthly to annually).
  • No setup fees
  • A powerful control panel.
  • Remote console (virtual KVM)
  • Localisation in many country. You choose where your VPS is located.
  • Overall management of your virtual servers (backup, reinstall, restore, updates, ..)
  • We assure an enhanced security for your cloud hosting.
  • A free SSL certificate is included with your virtual server.


serveur virtuelAvailable options

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