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A domain name is a unique address on the Internet that can be used for hosting a website for your emails etc ... It allows you to send and receive mail to your personalized address. It is the identity of your company on the entire Internet. If your company is called My Company , you can register your domain name as follows: and your mail addresses would be
Domain names are limited and recorded quickly. A domain name allows your customers to find you easily on the Internet. By reserving your domain name with Espace2001 you are assured that your domain name will be available and running immediately when you are ready to use it.
.com: Commercial Companies, the most used internet suffix. The advantage of this extension is that it is the one assigned by default browsers so if you type MyCompany you will be redirected to .net: Internet, machine, infrastructure and service companies with a direct link with the internet. .org: non-profit organizations or associations. .com: French sites. Note that to book this areas, you will need to send a letter of commitment AFNIC and various supporting documents according to the field. Visit our pages on registration of .fr. and .info. biz: They were created to compensate for the difficulty of finding an available name in .com For other extensions see our page: TLD Information
The length of your domain name must not exceed 63 characters. With the .com domain name must not exceed 66 characters. The only characters allowed are letters, numbers and the hyphen (-).
InterNIC asks that each domain name is associated at least two domain name servers. By associating your domain name to a domain name server (DNS), you can locate your domain name to an Internet server, which makes the geographical location of your domain name.
For the price we ask, we register your domain name with the InterNIC, we take care of the necessary formalities, associate your domain name to our domain name servers if necessary.
It is you. You register as owner, administrative and technical contact, By registering as administrative contact, you have complete control over your domain.
As long as you like. You can park your domain name for as long as necessary. You can also transfer your domain name at any time to the host that best suits you at no extra charge if you decide not to choose our hosting solutions.
You can contact the owner of this domain name and offer to sale it to you. You can also try different variations on that domain name. For example against or There are now more then 1000 domain extensions avalaible and you can be shure to find a domain that correspond to your company in those extensions.
No, in case of refusal of such transfer for any reason whatsoever, the customer can't claim reimbursement of expenses. It is the same for any refusal of AFNIC domain name. It is to the client to understand conditions defined by AFNIC before creation request. You can always contact our support before buying a domain name shure it's OK
How to change the owner of a domain name? This procedure is done by mail. Guarantees on the former owners being requested. It is your responsibility to contact our services by email at the following address to help you in this case.

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