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virtual serviceDefinition

A cloud service is a service performed on one or more servers under the control of your server, a web interface or a API. These virtualized services are specifically designed to ensure high performance and optimization of resources.

Espace 2001 offers the following cloud services: DNS server , mysql server,anti-spam and anti-virus server, clone server, backup server, complete email server, sharing services, Docker moduless .

cloud serviceInterest

The cloud service is performed on a dedicated server for this treatment. so it discharge your server by releasing memory, CPU and disk space.

This is particulary interesting in case of anti-spam an anti-virus tools witch can consume more then 300 MB RAM.

Optization of a mysql server can easily take serveral GB of RAM.

Similarly, making a backup of a server on himselve or on a low end connection is useless.

Maintenance,upgrades and updates are not necessay on virtual services, we do it.

serveur virtuelOur services

Cloud Messaging service

Full interactive messaging service including managing of mail accounts, contacts, calendar, to do lists, file sharing as well as instant messaging. This service lets you manage your mail everywhere, compatible ISO, android, Mac and Windows. You also get a complete security over your data.

Monthly price: € 1.99

DNS cloud service

A complet DNS server service including secondary DNS server and DNSSEC. Easy to use control panel and API. Fully compatible with registrars requirements (AFNIC).

Monthly price: € 1.99 for up to 250 domains

Anti-virus and Anti-spam cloud service

A powerfull ani-spam and anti-virus service with latest technologie. Acts as a mail relay server.

Monthly price: € 4.99 for max 200 mail accounts

MySql cloud service

We offer highly optimized Mysql servers on SSD hard drives with high RAM memory ensuring you a very fast response time.

Monthly price: € 1.99 for 100 users and 100 databases

Clone Cloud service

More then a backup server , you will have a clone of your existing server. In case of crash of your server, you can have the clone runing in minutes.

Monthly price: € 4.99 for per unit basis (40 GB)

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