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E2VPN the VPN server from Espace2001

VPN Server

The VPN server is essential for any company wanting to ensure the security of its data across the network. It ensures that no data can be intercepted on the network, regardless of the location of the customers of the private network. The revelations about NSA practices make the use of VPN servers essential for any serious company.

The lowest price

From € 5,99 / month (for an annual subscription).

A VPN server ready to use

Enjoy the Espapace 2001 expertise by choosing this preinstalled VPN server. We configured for you an ultra secure VPN server allowing you to easily install your private network. Keys and server certificates are generated just before delivery to guarantee the uniqueness of your VPN.

Characteristics of the VPN server

This VPN server has been designed to combine safety and ease of use:

  • OpenVPN server 5.2.4
  • DDOS Protection
  • Pro active firewall
  • Built-in DHCP server
  • Management Interface
  • Monitoring
  • Technical support is included
  • Integrated API
  • Unlimited VPN clients

Simple and automated installation of your VPN clients

Whether with the command line or through our integrated API, it will only take you a few seconds to install a VPN client on your server. Developed by our engineers, the key and cerificates generation is fully automated. At the end of the creation process, you have a configuration file that you just copy the VPN client who will be attached to your private network. The client installation is done very easily by following these instructions . You also have powerful commands to simply suspend, reactivate or remove a VPN client. These characteristics allow you to integrate easily into your services offers VPN servers without needing any special skills.

Try it for free

If you are not completely satisfied with our VPN server, we will refund you without question.

Order a VPN server: Order a VPN server

An efficient VPN server

  • Clients compatible with Windows, Android, IOS, Mac and LinuxE2 VPN a VPN server secured at 100%
  • Free support 24/24 7/7
  • Free GPL softwares
  • Connections usable on any device (desktop, tablet, notebook, server ..)
  • Completely secure connections between various VPN clients through a tunnelised local network
  • UDP or TCP connection
  • Tunnelise your VPN clients between them (eg: office, home, mobile or different devices)
  • Compatible Freebox Revolution
  • Allows VOIP and video conferencing connections fully encrypted (SIP and XMPP)

An ultra secure VPN

Unlike other VPN, we wanted absolute security for your VPN servers.

  • Encryption key authentication: 2048 bits
  • No configuration emailed
  • Each VPN client has its own key and certificate.
  • VPN servers fully insulated (no pop or other http connections)
  • Wide range of encryption protocols


Our VPN server offer

Our offer caters to all your VPN needs, it combines performance and low cost:

  • VPN server ready to use
  • Server avalable in many countries
  • Included Bandwidth 10 Mbs
  • 99.99% uptime SLA guarantee
  • Free update and maintenance
  • € 5,99 / month (annual payment)
  • Full refund warranty if you are not satisfied within 15 days./li>
  • Upgrade avalable

Order a VPN server: Order a VPN server

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