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Your SSL security certificate for your domain name at the best price:
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Secure your website with an SSL Certificate from Espace2001 at the best price for a 256 bites highly secured certificate.

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  • See our FAQ to kearn more

Use of a security certificate

A security certificate ensure the users that the data on a website belongs to this website and that the date transmissions betwen website server and customer are encrypted an so can't be intercepted. In fact, the guarantees that the installeed public key on the website is relevant to the website and has not been fraudulently altered. The SSL certificates can guarantee a webstite ( or a mail server and his mail addresses. Thee SSL certificate acts like an "identity card" of your public key. Your SSL certificate is created by the certification autority to guarantee your domain name or your identity to third parties visiting your website. The browser , when attempting to connect to your website, checks that the informations transmetted are correct through the SSL protocol. It also checks the validity perdiod of the certificate. I any information is wrong, the user is warned and th access can be denied.

How SSL works

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a data transmission protocol on internet. It is managed like from a software layer betwen the browser and the website http or smtp server. It use different ports then thoose used for non secured data (https or smtps). Orginally developed by Netscape, th SSL protocol has been adopted by most browsers. He became de facto th standard for the secure data exchange. It is currently supported by more then 95% of browsers and messaging tools. the term "Sockets" refers to the metho in wich a client and a server exchange data. SSL use a public key and a private key encrypted with RSA and include the use of a digital certificate.
RSA is a GPL authentificate and encryption protocl developed in 1977 by Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman. It's the mose used encryptage algorithm on the internet. It is also the most secure.
SSL is an additional layer on the protocols used by machines to communicate with each other. It is not dependant from other protocols.
The securisation of SSL is made by a key exchange betwen the client and the application server.

  • The client connects with SSL from his browser by sending an authentification request indicating witch encryptions systems are available by the browser.
  • The server returns a certifiacte to the browser with his public key, the signature of the certifying authority and the length of maximum compatible encryption between the two tools.
  • The browser checks the validity and generates a key exchange with the server's public key and return it.
  • The server then encrypts all transactions with this unique key ensuring the confidentiality of the data.

Certification authority

The certification authority (CA for short) is the angency that issues your certificate and certify that the information contained in your public key is authentic. It is a sort of of trusted third party. There are many companies playing the role of certification authority.
The certification authority issues a certificate attesting that the information contained in the public key as the person, the company, the domain name, the server or other items contained therein.
Ont the SSL larket the number of certification authorities are restricted: Verisign, Thawte and Geotrust had in 1997 57.6% of the market, Comodo 8.3% and Godaddy 6.4%.
Whatewer authority certification used, operations between a website and the client browser are the same. In this sense, the choice of the certification authority is not decisive. But price differences are very high, going from simple to tenfold.
Espace 2001 surveys continuously to bring you the best price. We negotiate on quantity base or in taking advantage on ther reseller program. So you will get your certificate at the best price with the same functionalities.

Can you use a free SSL certificate ?

Browsers (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or others) dont include in their certification authority list other then thoose listed above. If the certification authority is not listed, the browser will warn you, asking you to accept this authority. If you have a businees website, you must have one of our certificate garanted by a trusted certification authority.
If , on the other side, your goal is only to ensure encryption of date between server and client, you can use a free or self-signed certificate as we provide here: Free SSL certificate .

CSR (Certificate Signing Request) or certification request

CSR is a message send by the certificate applicant to the certification authority for the purpose of establishing the security certificate. Before creating a CSR, the applicant must generate a key pair, the public key a the private key that have to be kept secret. The private key is not included in the CSE but is used to sign the request. CSR code includes the other items requested by the certification authority and he is in charge to certified (such as the domein name). A CSR request, encoded in base 64, should looks like this:


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